Cold Water Brewery Craft Beer

Happy Hour: Monday – Friday 3pm to 6pm

Cold Water Brewery is an all grain brewing operation hand-crafting each of our distinct beers on site.  Our 7 barrel brew house is constantly in use producing roughly 200 gallons of fresh-tasting beer per batch.  Through both our own production as well as a variety of guest handles we pride ourselves on offering a wide and well curated selection with something for everyone. Have any questions? Our friendly staff is here to help point you in the direction of the best beer for you and assure that you leave satisfied. Cold Water Brewery, where beer equals community.


Waterhouse Wheat 5%
If you like wheat beer, our Water House Wheat packs the punch you’re looking for 40% wheat malt blended with a domestic two row barley and German Noble hops make a clean, delicious version of an Bavarian wheat ale.

Preachers Pale Ale 5%
A British pale ale with a west coast hop addition and a light golden color. Our perfect blend of Cascade and Chinook hops combined with domestic two row barley make a perfect balance of flavor that truly defines a Pale Ale.

Mr. Toads Wild Rye 5%
A light amber colored beer with a touch of Rye. Mr. Toads is a malt forward beer with spices, a grassy flavor, and medium hops creating an easy drinking beer after a good downhill!

Freel Good IPA 7.2%
The prince formerly known as ‘Artic,’ this beer is for true hop lovers with 3lbs of hops per barrel of Citrus, Mango, and Passion Fruit flavors balanced on a big Malt backbone.

Tahoe Cross IPA 7.8%
Our big, dank, hoppy IPA has a golden color, lots of malty sweetness, and is loaded with an insane amount of hops per bbl. This brew is sure to make you hoppy!

Tahoe Dirty Blonde 5.2%
The Tahoe Dirty Blonde is a truly unique taste of Tahoe. Light copper in color with a touch of mountain sage and fresh juniper berries.

“Just So You Know” 1516 Lager 5.3%
Our celebration of the 1516 “Reinheitsgebot” (Bavarian beer purity law) A crisp, clean, German export style lager. Well balanced with light sweetness and a clean finish.

Stillwater Stout 6.2%
Our Big Black Ale is loaded with three different types of malt: black, caramel, and tons of chocolate! Balanced with generous amounts of Northwestern hops for a true stout feel.

RYAN PARKER, Cold Water’s Brewmaster

Ryan was born in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He has been brewing commercially for seven years and an avid home brewer for the past 15 years. Ryan’s passion for beer started with his father who was also a home brewer. Ryan’s career began at Roosters Brewing Co. in Ogden Utah as an assistant under the supervision of brewmaster Steve Kirkland.

Beer has always been a big part of his life, as Ryan like’s to say, “beer chose me I didn’t choose beer. I love hops and west coast style beers, with a fond respect for traditional German style lagers.” People ask Ryan’s what his favorite beer is he tells them, “the one in front of me.”